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Welcome to Martin-Young Amplification.

Terry Martin worked for 10+ years in the guitar amp business with Diamond Amps and was a founder of DBZ Guitars.  He left in 2015 because he wanted to serve a critical new trend in the market to partner with Todd Young.  That is smaller wattage amps with the same tones and features of the big 100 Watt heads.  He also wanted to serve all genres in the industry and wanted to get away from the predominant Rock and Metal that Diamond had been so dominant in.

Partnering with two of the best amp engineers on the planet, the result is simply said, "you have to hear it to believe it".  Incredible colossal tone, and gigging durability.

Our Combo Amps are based on vintage tweed amplifiers of the Fender 60's era, but are meticulously modded with modern components and larger output transformers for a much more modern gain structure.    The other improvements are in the tone stack, 6 position bright switch, treble, middle, bass, reverb, and presence puts you right in the pocket every time.  Built like a matchless, made for the working guitarist, and tone that will never disappoint!!